24/7 Armed Response Protection

Anywhere, Anytime


Shield911 provides a revolutionary technological solution designed to protect people from every day threats anywhere in South Africa. By using advanced GEO location technology Shield911 provides a cell phone panic button to alert a centralised control room in order for us to deploy the relevant armed response or emergency medical responders. 


Shield 911 combines best of breed technology and private security services to deliver a world class solution that can:

Instantly locate you

Call you back within 15 seconds

Protection from SA’s best private security companies including National, Enforce, etc

24/7 private armed security protection in all major metropolitan areas across SA

Emergency medical services anywhere in SA 24/7

Your location is tracked via GPS on the app, giving you peace of mind that your security service is on its way


I was keen on the app due to the late hours I work. I pressed the panic button, on an occasion, and was surprised to have received a call back within seconds. The case manager was very helpful and stayed on the line till the arm response arrived. Shield911 is impressive. 

Navendhree Govender

I have had Shield911 less than a year and it is amazing giving you access to private armed response and medical emergency services. Not leaving us to deal with the service delay of the public services

Patricia Khaza

Excellent product, given the current crime statistics, every South African should have it. Well done Shield911.

Kobus van Niekerk


out of 100 000 people are murdered annually

sexual offences per day

aggravated assaults per day

common assaults per day

aggravated robberies per day

houses robbed each day